1974 Dufour 27


Naval architect Michel Dufour introduced the Dufour 27 in 1972 following the successful launch of “Sylphe” a 6.5m masthead slope in 1964 and the famous “Dufour Arpege” in 1968. The popularity of these early designs known for inovation, and Michel’s attention to detail and high quality construction catapulted Dufour to become a leading sailboat manufacture. In 1973, Dufour produced more than 600 boats and Dufour became the leading production sailboat builder in the world. Before Beneteau or Jeanneau, Dufour was the leading French sailboat exporter to the United States and the company was awarded the highly coveted, "Prix l Exportation" award for their international sales success.

By 1975 more than 300 Dufour 27 were sold, mostly in Europe however several  were exported to the United States as the Dufour 27 was a very fast and sea worthy sailboat.

Today, 40 years after the first little Dufour 27 splashed the water in La Rochelle, France, a U.S. Coast-to-Coast fleet of at least two Dufour 27’s are actively sailing and delighting their owners. Petite Cherie, hull number 193 sails on Chesapeake Bay and John Hojaboom sails Papillon, hull number 314 on Puget Sound.

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Petite Cherie